Jaeger Counter UAV/UAS platform

The Jaegar C-UAS platform is a turnkey multi-sensor platform providing advanced counter drone (UAV/UAS) capabilities by combining EO, video tracking, auto-classification and optional effecting technology. The Jaeger C-UAS is used as a fixed installation or as a mobile and rapid deployable system.


  • Single mast solution
  • High speed pan and tilt up to 80° per second
  • Multiple object detection and tracking
  • Ease of system integration
  • Highly modular – many easily configurable EO systems
  • Soft kill options
  • Auto-classification
  • Custom multi-band helix, flat panel antenna and Tri Band array
  • Broad-ranging effecting capabilities, highpowered signal
  • Superior range and target/threat mitigation

Download the Jaeger C-UAS brochure to select your configuration.