VOCs gas optical thermal imaging camera G330

The VOCs ((Volatile Organic Compounds) Gas Optical Thermal Imaging Camera G330 is an extremely accurate (NETD < 10mK), non-contact inspection device, which can scan and detect in realtime gas pipelines and equipment for leaks and intuitively locate the VOCs gas leaks. The G330 also offers temperature measurement (thermography) and image recording for later reporting.


- High sensitivity cooled detector, sensitivity ≤ 0.01℃

- Compact, ergonomical and weight of only 2.8kg

- VOCs gas emission detection sensitivity ≤ 0.4g/hr (CH4)

- Small and larger gas leaks can be detected

- VOCs gas leak / fugitive gas emissions detection

- Temperature measurement (thermography) capability

- Images and videos are stored on an internal SC card

- Explosion-proof certified