Osiris multi-sensor camera platform

The Osiris is a fully integrated, modular, multi-sensor, highly ruggedized, PTZ camera. Capable of supporting uncooled (LWIR) and cooled (MWIR) thermal cameras (with lens options up to 300mm), along with mid to long range low light HD / 4K visible cameras. There are 3 versions available:
- Osiris Ranger (thermal detection: human at 5km, vehicle at 15km);
- Osiris Ranger LR (thermal detection: human at 10km, vehicle at 18km);
- Osiris Signal Light Gun (specifications upon request)..


Osiris Ranger systems:

  • Rugged PTZ platform
  • Uncooled thermal (LWIR) camera with zoom lens options
  • HD visible camera with zoom lens options
  • Wiper option
  • Ruggedised for extreme environments (IP67 rating)
  • 360°continuous rotation
  • Pan and tilt speeds between 0.02°and 45°per second
  • High camera positioning accuracy: 0.002°
  • Automatic self position correction
  • Ideally for single mast deployments

Download the Osiris datasheet to select your configuration.